A weekend in Ibiza

Recently, I spent a few days in Ibiza. It was my first time there and I can’t wait to go back. I would hardly call myself an expert after three days but here are some of the activities that we got up to and would recommend if you’re planning a trip to this beautiful island.

Cruising on the ocean – https://boatsibiza.com/

I was a little dubious when Sarah said she wanted to do a boat trip because I’m not great on boats. It runs in the family, and if the water is too choppy then it can make me feel sick. But my experience of this particular boat trip was completely different and was one of the highlights of our trip.
It didn’t start too well. Taxi companies seemed to have big problems understanding where our villa was resulting in four of us making it down to the marina vaguely on time and the other three an hour behind that. I was in the second cab waiting on the street corner for a cab pick us up, ridiculously late and wondering if it would ever come or whether the others would have to do the trip without us. Finally a cab arrived and by 3.30pm (instead of 2!) we finally made it onto the boat.
We had one captain, Paul, who was a cheeky chappie from Essex who’d been living in Ibiza for the last 5 years. It was a private boat, plenty of space for the 7 of us to relax and all alcohol and soft drinks were included in the price of the ticket. Paul was just fab, he was pouring us drinks, making sure another bottle of cava was chilling (and with the amount of spilling and swigging he could barely keep up!). He also had a great personality so he was cracking jokes and more than happy to take pictures of us from all angles and get involved in the fun. Having a captain like that made a huge amount of difference to the overall experience and I think he enjoyed his time with us as much as we did!
We started off the boat trip slowly before the speed boat properly got going and it was really speedy! At first I was a bit scared but then I looked around at everyone’s faces and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, it went fast and we’d all been drinking but I never felt unsafe and despite being fun and frivolous Paul was always in control. We spent some time cruising around and other times stationary near beautiful bays. Most of the girls had a swim in the sea but as the water was cold I was happy to chill out on the boat taking pictures and sunbathing. We had three and a half hours overall and the time flew. It was definitely the right amount of time and when we got back to dry land we were all suitably merry. It was brilliant fun and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a group activity in Ibiza.

Blue Marlin – http://www.bluemarlinibiza.com/ibiza/

Blue Marlin is a restaurant and beach club (with DJs, I assume in the evening but we went during the day). I’m not sure if it’s open all year round but it definitely is open by May. We were there in mid May and plenty of places hadn’t opened yet but as this isn’t just a club it was open.
I’m going to start with saying it’s expensive (but a lot of Ibiza is). It’s 16 Euros for a cocktail so it’s pricey and my main meal was about 30 Euros. Not crazy but not cheap either. What I loved was the atmosphere which so relaxed, the music was chilled and it just has a great vibe. The service is generally also really good – my friend asked for gluten free bread and it came out freshly made (some of the best she has had) but our specific waiter did struggle to understand what vegan means. However, it proved to be alright in the end and everyone enjoyed their food.
Afterwards, we sauntered down to the beach club where there’s sun loungers. Essentially it’s like being by the pool but you’re by the sea instead. The views were beautiful, the loungers comfortable and the music got even better as the day went on. Sunbathing at Blue Marlin was completely blissful, and although on the day we went there was quite a strong breeze, once you were settled on your sun-lounger all you could feel was the warmth of the sun. Again, you’ve got to pay for the sun loungers.. they offered us a package which I think was 80 Euros for sun loungers and drinks but as we didn’t want to drink anything we managed to get it down to 18 each just for the sun loungers. That’s the price of a cocktail but we kept our beds for hours so it felt like money well spent.
The one downside was trying to get a cab home, although Blue Marlin said they had ordered one for us it took ages to arrive. There are taxi touts there but they will try to sell you ‘professional drivers’ ie at double the price. I still don’t really understand why we had so many taxi problems in Ibiza (taxi woes were a common theme throughout) but Blue Marlin itself was a great way to spend an afternoon if you want to treat yourself to a nice lunch and then chill in the sun to some tunes. We didn’t stay into the evening but I’m sure it would have got even better if we had.

Passion cafe – http://passion-ibiza.com/

Passion cafe (near the Marina) was recommended by one of the girls who had been there before. The ethos is all about natural, wholesome food made with the best ingredients. It caters for all tastes but it’s especially good for vegetarian and vegan food (although not exclusively). It’s a great story behind the cafe, created by Lana Love, a Croatian lady who moved to London and later to Ibiza.. she realised she had been suffering from PTSD and had digestive problems as a result hence why she opened her own cafe specialising in raw cuisine, juicing and healthy food and her brand has now grown to 6 of these fabulous cafes. Anyway, I digress..
I wish we had more places like this in London (although I’m sure they do exist but not with the breadth of menu we had here). I’m not vegetarian or vegan but I do like to eat as healthily as I can (to counteract the late night pizza takeaway) and as I get older I care far more about what I am putting into my body. Therefore, the whole ethos of the cafe was really interesting to me, they had a huge menu and a whole section dedicated to Avocado toast! What more could you want?!!
The cafe was friendly, the service great and the food delicious. I had avocado, poached eggs, coriander and chilli flakes on gluten free bread which was like a dense seedy rye bread, absolutely delicious (and I couldn’t tell it was gluten free bread, which usually falls apart). Others had the Mexican breakfast (vegan so no eggs but plenty of avo and beans) and pancakes with bananas and chocolate sauce (which looked amazing but not for my savoury tooth!). Again, a really chilled atmosphere, not too busy and just a really relaxed brunching experience. If you’re in Ibiza at all be sure to check out one of the cafes, you won’t regret it!

The Old Town

After brunch we walked round the marina (via a stop off to sit and admire the boats,  lament that none of us were rich enough to own one and have another coffee/cheeky aperol spritz) and went to Ibiza old town. It has cobbled streets, lots of narrow windy roads, beautiful market stalls and this medieval vibe.
It also has a number of gorgeous shops, with a range of prices from pretty expensive well known designers to cheaper holiday outfits and some quirky jewellery and bags. I could have picked up plenty of things but I restrained myself to one pair of earrings. I thought Ibiza town was lovely, and more so because it was a Saturday lunchtime in May and there were lots of locals out and about. I think the atmosphere might be different in the height of the peak season which is why I enjoyed going out of season because it felt like we were able to soak up the culture and mooch without it ever feeling too crowded or touristy. There’s plenty of sight seeing to be had but we didn’t have time to do more than just wander around and get a feel for the place.

Ushuaia – https://www.ushuaiaibiza.com/2017/ants

As we were in Ibiza we had to have a night out clubbing. Because we were there in mid May lots of places weren’t open but Ushuaia was. It was a afternoon/evening club, going from 3pm until midnight. It reminded me a little bit of a Vegas pool party but to me it felt more comfortable (in Vegas you have lockers, and it’s full of posers.. but that’s another story). Because it’s a day/evening thing you get people dressed in all kinds of outfits, from swimwear and shorts to full dressed up clubbing outfits. Anything goes (which I like, it’s not overly trended and you can really go wearing whatever you like). We didn’t go until about 8ish and I guess the only problem was that once the sun went down it did start getting chilly. Some of us bought coats and cardigans with and they did get used (but later on in the year it would probably have stayed warm all night long).
It was 50 Euros to get in and you can buy drinks at the bar or do a drinks package.. some of us chose to share our packages and so it was about 45 Euros for three drinks each. And water costs 9 euros. Bloody expensive water!!! Anyway, it’s Ibiza, you can’t get round the prices. If you’re going to go, you just have to say screw it and forget about the money.
The club is outside and set around a big pool. We stayed near the pool but you could go nearer the front and the stage where there were pyrotechnics and really cool lights and dancers and it was all sort of ant themed. I’m not sure why, when Sarah called me and said she was waiting by the giant ant (because of course I was in the second cab again and it hadn’t turned up for ages, again!) I had no idea what she meant, I’m scared of ants.
Forgetting the ants, Ushuaia was brilliant fun and a perfect amount of time, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, we didn’t club into the early hours but we did have a flight to catch in the morning and I just had so much fun taking pictures and dancing so it was brilliant. Here’s a few pics of us, doing selfies and me taking pictures of the club itself.

And there we have it, Ibiza in a nutshell. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for me as I’d love to go back 🙂  xxxx

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