About Me

Hi I’m Ali, a thirty something Essex girl living in London. As you might have guessed from my blog’s name I’m short in stature. This bothered me for a long time before I realised I should just embrace it (although I’m still not a fan of being considered ‘cute’!!). I’ve wanted to start blogging for years now but I’ve not been brave enough until I went travelling with my husband last year and found something I really enjoyed. I’ll be talking about beauty, fashion, travel, restaurants and anything that makes me happy but I also don’t want to shy away from more serious topics. I’m painfully honest (not always an ideal quality, the ‘suck up’ at work button got missed out!), I wear my heart on my sleeve and so my blog will too.

I’d love to hear from you so if you’d like to get in touch¬†please email me at apetitepursuit@gmail.com or contact me on Twitter, my Twitter handle is¬†APetitePursuit