Back to reality with a bump! It does not look like this :(

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated January. That back to school feeling is always magnified when it’s getting dark at 3pm and it’s cold outside and your entire being feels ready for bed but there’s still two hours of work left. Gone are the days of Christmas parties and finishing a bit early to nip off for a Christmas catch up ie drink (it’s ok, it’s Christmas)! It’s back to business, back to work and the excesses of last year are a thing of the past. A distant memory replaced by gloominess, dieting and dry January.

That is how I feel every year after about ten days off over Christmas. However, imagine how I feel this year after four months off!  It’s a whole new ball game as I’m coming back to work, moving back into my flat and crashing back down to the harsh reality of real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved seeing everyone again and having a chat about my trip but the more people ask me about it the more I die a little inside. I’m not trying to be grumpy, I am so appreciative of the opportunity to take the time off in the first place and of the interest I’ve had from everyone. I love talking about what I’ve been up to but it’s just impossible to come back and be happy and bouncy when January is the worst month of the year and you’re not spending your days agonising over what cocktail to order or where you should go for dinner.

I made many resolutions whilst I was away, many of them were the usual suspects such as exercise more, drink less, become a better cook (or cook at all would be a start), eat healthier, worry less, find more time for hobbies (etc) and most of them will fall by the wayside if they haven’t already but the one I am going to stick to is to carry on blogging in my spare time. It won’t be easy with a full time job and I don’t have the same inspiration when I open my curtains in the morning and look out to see the train tracks and the London buses rather than beautiful blue ocean but I live in one of the best cities in the world and I’m sure I’ll find things to write about again!! At the moment I’m not entirely sure what I want my blog to be but I’m hoping it will be a place for me to share my hobbies with you and complete at least one of my 2017 resolutions J. So bear with me if I’m grumpy, or cold or sad, you have my permission to tell me to get over it.. and soon it’ll be spring, I’ll be less broke and all will be well again.

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