My Glossybox Experience

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a subscriber to Glossybox. I was lucky enough to receive the subscription as a present from Phil for Christmas a couple of years ago (and when I opened up my first box all I saw was a razor prompting me to wonder if my husband had put a razor in a box and wrapped it up as a nice way of saying you don’t shave your legs enough?!). But it has gone on to be something I look forward to each month and I love the anticipation of opening up the pink shiny box not knowing what will be in it.

If you fancy giving Glossybox a try this month then you can receive 50% off your first box with the code GB50 by clicking here.

For those of you that don’t know, Glossybox is a beauty subscription box that comes with 5-6 products in it each month.  There are plenty of subscription boxes around but Glossybox in particular specialises in beauty so you’ll get a mix of skin care, make up and hair care products each month. Glossybox also do themed boxes every once in a while (always beautifully designed) and special collaborations. In 2015 they partnered with Nars for mini versions of some of the cult classics and more recently they brought out the La Mer box which was a little box of luxury for a taster of La Mer at a fraction of the price. It was a great way to sample a brand that I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. Yes, there will always be products that are a bit hit or miss but for just over £10 a month it’s great value and makes a great gift (for others or for yourself). I think Glossybox have really surpassed themselves recently so here are some of my favourite products I’ve tried out of the boxes I’ve had over the past few months.

Sleek eye and cheek palette

Sleek have taken a few of their most popular shades and put them into compact palettes which are perfect for travel. Mine is called All Day Soiree. It contains 4 eye shadows and 2 blushers. The eye shadows are a light sparkly peach, a slightly darker orange (matte with a hint of sparkle), a light brown and a cool tone champagne colour. All four are very wearable and would suit most people.  For drugstore eyeshadows they also last a long time, I can wear them all day long and they last relatively well. The blushes are a warm rosy pink and a champagne colour which I can’t use as a blush but I use as a highlight. Are shades are very pretty and it comes in small matte packaging. It’s perfect for travelling and it’s not something that I would have bought myself but I’ve been really enjoying using it. I was worried about smashing it in my handbag but so far so good and it has been a really useful addition to my collection. There are a few options to try and you can get them in Boots here

L’eau de Rose Perfume

We don’t get perfume very often in Glossybox. It’s a very personal choice, lots of people like to have a signature scent so not necessary the ideal thing to include in a box that needs to appeal to as many people as possible but I personally love getting and trying new perfume. The most recent fragrance we received was L’eau de Rose in the February box (coincided with Valentines Day) which I believe was an exclusive to Glossybox. It’s 30 ml (a large amount but perfect handbag/makeup bag sized). Unsurprisingly, given the name, it smells of roses. Imagine you’ve just received some roses and you stick your nose in them. That sort of fresh, floral, beautiful smell. It’s lovely and I would never have bought it myself, I’ve never seen it before. It isn’t the longest lasting but as I keep it in my handbag it’s there to top up as and when I need it. It was definitely a highlight of February’s box and alone cost more than I paid for the entire box.

Sports FX Shape Up Brow pencil

In April’s box I received the Sports FX Shape Up brow pencil in brunette which is a dual ended brow pencil for girls who like to have their brows on point when they go to the gym. I have only recently ‘discovered’ brows (where have I been?! It’s not like they just grew on my face!).  I’ve never over-plucked mine so I don’t really need to do much to them for them to look ok. But I’ve finally got on the brow bandwagon and have realised how much difference a good brow can make to completing your look and framing the face (although sometimes I do worry that mine look like brown slugs.. just me?! Probably).

Anyway, back on track, I love this brow pencil. It’s dual ended, one end is an angled waxy pencil, the angle allows you to draw in the hairs on the top and then use the flat side to fill them in. The other end is a brush to comb them through. It comes in four colours and I find brunette is good for me, it’s probably a tad dark but I like a dark strong brow.

As it’s designed for gym goers it’s waterproof so it stays in place all day. I’ve been using it all the time and I have tried it in the gym and can confirm my brows remained in place. It’s a convenient, easy tool and I’m really impressed. And if you’re interested in make up to wear to the gym then Sports FX do a whole range of products from foundation through to bronzer, which, if they’re anything like the eyebrow pencil, will be really great.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm

This isn’t my picture but I threw away my tester! Doh!!

I received a sachet of the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm and I forgot to use it for ages. I wasn’t expecting much from it because I struggle to find haircare products of any price points that actually make a tangible difference to my hair. However, this balm impressed me so much. It’s all thanks to the bee! It contains honey, propolis and royal jelly and together the ingredients are high in Vitamin B and very nourishing.

The other day I found this sachet, I left it on my hair for about five minutes. It smelt amazing, sweet but not in anyway sickly. I made Phil smell my hair! My hair hasn’t felt this soft or silky since it was last washed by my hairdresser. My hair is notoriously tangly so anything that can help to avoid breakage and tangles is a plus for me.

The most amazing thing about it is it’s less than £5 and you only need to use it once a week.  I am desperate to pop in to Boots and purchase the full size but until then here’s a picture of what it looks like! There’s also a shampoo, conditioner and serum in the range (which I haven’t tried) and ranges for other types of hair concerns so I’d be interested in checking them out. Thank you Glossybox, I love a steal 🙂

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser


I’ve written about this moisturiser before in my January faves post (here) so I won’t speak for long on this.  It’s a mix of kale, watercress and aloe vera, so again amazing natural ingredients. It’s creamy and soothing but not overly heavy and at 30ml it’s makes for a perfect travel size moisturiser. For the full size 50ml version it’s sold here at Boots.

Make up Brushes

Glossybox have sent us some lovely makeup brushes over the last few years from eyes to lips to face. I like getting brushes in my boxes because they’re something I don’t tend to go out of my way to buy but of course makeup is only so good as the tools used to apply it with ( an obvious example but a painter with rubbish paint brushes will not be the best painter).

Glossybox has worked with some relatively unknown brush brands (to me anyway) but I’ve been impressed with all of them. eg the Luxie 504 which is a large angled synthetic brush used for contouring and highlighting. This brush is lovely, soft and perfect for the contours of the face. We’ve also had the Teez eyeshadow brush which is uniquely designed and I use for patting on colour on the eyelids.

The newest addition to my brush collection is this beautiful collection of brushes by Spectrum which I received in a Glossybox goody bag (so not technically in a box but I have a feeling that Spectrum brushes could feature in a future box).  I already own a brush from Spectrum which I use for bronzing so I was so excited to receive this set. Aside from being really pretty (the pink and purple bristles are gorgeous, they are working the unicorn trend to perfection), and the brushes are brilliant quality, clean easily and just do what they’re supposed to do! If you need any make up brushes then check them out.

La Mer 

I couldn’t finish this post without a quick mention of my recent La Mer box which I loved.  Apparently this box sold out in half an hour but I put a note in my calendar and was online waiting for it go on sale, desperately clicking the ‘refresh’ button on my browser until it became available. This wasn’t part of my subscription but for a mere £30 (£35 for non members) I received six testers of La Mer products.

La Mer is one of these iconic brands which gets recommended in magazines and is used on film stars. The brand has a great story – over 50 years ago Dr Max Huber suffered burns in a lab accident and looked to the healing power of the sea when existing science and medicine couldn’t help his skin. He used sea kelp and experimented for years until he came up with his ‘miracle broth’ which is the fundamental basis for all of La Mer’s skin care. Infused with other ingredients La Mer was born.

The products are as luxurious as you would expect, and I don’t like using them too often because I don’t want to use them up! I can’t honestly say that I will be purchasing La Mer’s full size products anytime soon unfortunately because the smallest moisturiser alone is over a hundred pounds but if I did have a high enough salary I would definitely buy La Mer. If you do get a chance to give them a test then do because they’re really luxurious, gorgeous products and I’m so glad that Glossybox offered an opportunity to try them.

Before I finish I just have to point out that this is in no way sponsored. I was planning on writing this post already and then recently I had brunch with Glossybox, two inspiring bloggers Mona and Connie (click on their names to check out their blogs, they are fab girls and have great instagrams too) and some aspiring bloggers/beauty enthusiasts like myself. It really left me inspired to get off my arse and write this post! Not only do I enjoy getting a treat each month, it’s a chance to try new things from less well known brands and to discover gems I would never have found previously. And it comes beautifully wrapped up in a pink box. What more could you ask?

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