Back to reality with a bump! It does not look like this :(

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated January. That back to school feeling is always magnified when it’s getting dark at 3pm and it’s cold outside and your entire being feels ready for bed but there’s still two hours of work left. Gone are the days of Christmas parties and finishing a bit early to nip off for a Christmas catch up ie drink (it’s ok, it’s Christmas)! It’s back to business, back…

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The Final Destination: Phuket

And so we come to the final blog post (aside from a few more pictures of us, mostly of me trying to get a good infinity pool shot!). If I’d have written this sooner it would definitely be more negative (at one point it was going to be titled Is Phuket a big con?!) but it’s impossible to feel that way when you’re sitting in front of this view! There’s no doubt that Phuket is…

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Ali’s travel survival guide

In the past 3 months I have been to 6 countries (7 if you count Borneo separately), taken 19 flights and stayed in 22 places from 5 star hotels to youth hostels. You’d think that would make me a travel aficionado! It doesn’t.. the rules of flying let alone travel elude me and I’d say the rules of the game are that there are no rules. Take airports, inconsistency is king and each airport/ airline…

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Phi Phi Island

Jumping for Joy

?ing Phi Phi islands – I’m sure Leo was as cool as me when he was here too! #mayabay #phiphiisland #thebeach #thailand #travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelblog #traveller #travelling #posing #jumpingforjoy (at Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand)

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