Sepilok rehabilitation centre

One of the best experiences of our trip was visiting the sanctuary. They rescue and rehabilitate orphaned orangutans or orangutans needing help due to our negative influence on their environment. The site is 43 sq km or protected land with 60-80 orangutans living free in the reserve.

The babies grow up in the nursery where the human helpers become like parents to them, giving them medical care, feeding them and treating them with the love and care they’ve missed out on. As they grow they are slowly taught how to survive in the wild and fend for themselves until they are released into the reserve. Twice a day there’s feeding time in the reserve where tourists can watch from a viewing platform but for many orangutans they don’t visit as they don’t need human help anymore and can look after themselves.

Watching the babies in the nursery was so cute. We are 96.4% genetically identical and seeing them run around, be naughty and play with each other and their human carers was hilarious. So much like children. I’ve taken some videos which I’ll post separately but they aren’t the best quality as I was behind reflective glass.

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