Review of my Sephora/Mecca Maxima products

Too Faced Born this Way Foundation (light beige) and Too Faced Born this Way Concealer (Fair)
I’ve not tried any of the products from Too Faced before but was recommended their foundation/concealer by the staff at Mecca Maxima and so far I’ve been really impressed. The foundation is supposed to give you skin so good it’s as if you were born this way (!) and has hyaluronic acid, coconut water and alpine rose listed as key ingredients. I wouldn’t say it looks so natural that it looks my skin isn’t wearing foundation, but it looks really nice on, it blends seamlessly and gives a healthy glow (which I like but can always be pared down with a bit of powder to make sure it doesn’t look too shiny). The concealer I bought as an alternative to my Nars creamy concealer which I have in vanilla, perfect for brightening under the eyes but not the right colour for concealing spots. Too faced concealer in fair is a little more yellow but works both under the eyes and over spots. It’s a fair amount of coverage, it goes on smoothly, doesn’t look cakey but I wouldn’t say it’s for heavy duty acne. For my mild spots and dark circles it conceals and brightens very nicely. So all in all I’m very happy with both and they seem to be dealing with the heat and humidity of Asia really well..

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid in Bow and Arrow and Double Dare
When I was in Sephora my makeup artist used Stila’s Stay all day liquid lipstick on me in Fiery which is a bright hollywood red, beautiful but I have an identical colour in an hourglass liquid lipstick at home (in Icon) so I decided it wasn’t worth purchasing (although it was a lovely colour and consistency). My friend Katie had a Kat von d lip on and was really impressed considering she said her lips were often dry but didn’t find the Kat von d liquid lipstick too drying at all. I’d heard so much about the KVD lipsticks so decided to try for some myself. I decided on Bow and Arrow because I saw Victoria from Inthefrow wearing it and it was sold out in multiple Sephora’s but I eventually got my hands on it. It’s a tawny brown colour on my lips and I also picked up Double dare which is a reddy pinky colour which I love. The formula is amazing, it’s long lasting and not overly drying if you moisturise before and every so often during the day. I’d love to own more, they’re my new obsession ?

Kat Von D Immortal eye trio
Apologies for her crappy pictures of these. This mini eye liner and mascara set was in the mini section. I’ve heard lots of great things about the Kat von d tattoo eyeliners and thought the set would be a great way to try as an eye liner obsessive. I have Trooper (black), Woolf (grey) and the mascara, (Immortal lash). Apparently the wand is supposed to resemble a thorny rose stem which sounds a bit gimmicky to me but I haven’t tried it yet so will keep an open mind. However I love the black eye liner, it has a sturdy nib, great colour pay off. The grey colour I’m not sure about – again the formula is good but I think the colour may be a bit light for me. Maybe I need to experiment a bit with it. Either way I’d definitely buy the full sized black and brown (called mad max) and I’ll have to see about the mascara.

First aid beauty pads
Again I found this in the minis and know a lot of people love this. They’re pads to help brighten, tone and exfoliate the skin with lactic and glycolic acids to gently remove impurities from the skin. I’ve tried them a couple of times but I haven’t used them enough to really form an opinion, moving around so much, flying and putting insect repellent on constantly has left my skin a bit all over the place.

Sephora mini solid brush cleaner
I saw Fleur de Force talking about buying something similar when she was in Sephora and as I didn’t have anything to clean my brushes with me I thought I’d give it a try. It’s a soap bar with a rubbery bristled brush on one side. You use the soap on your brush and then swirl it in the bristles until clean. I tried this with a particularly dirty eyeshadow brush and it took a few attempts to scrub and swirl the dirt away (but then cleaning brushes is never quick) but when I was done the brush was clean so all I think it did a good job. It’s so portable and for $8 I think it’s a bargain.

Versace Bright Crystal rollerball
Before I left the U.K. I searched all over looking for a perfect travel sized perfume. Because aside from at Xmas time they’re really hard to find (you can buy the odd rollerball online but with limited choice). I had a chat with a guy working in Boots and he kindly gave me multiple Boss testers for free! But the 10ml rollerballs are the perfect size for travelling. I chose Bright Crystal by Versace, it wasn’t a scent I was familiar with but it was floral and pretty. The official blurb is refreshing chilled yuzu and pomegranate mingled with soothing blossoms of peony, magnolia, and lotus flower, warmed with notes of musk and amber. I love the smell but I will say that this rollerball isn’t very long lasting so I need to top it up throughout the day or it fades quite quickly.

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing water
I have the Garnier micellar water with me already but I realised once I’d left that it was only eye makeup remover and I didn’t feel that it was removing makeup as well as my normal Bioderma so I wanted to get a mini Bioderma from Sephora. When I asked one of the staff if they sold it she hadn’t heard of it! I was surprised, but was recommended to try the Caudalie one instead. I like it, it’s pretty good at removing makeup and it’s very gentle. However the pump bothers me, whenever I push the pump down the water tends to go everywhere and not just on cotton pad. Maybe I’m pumping it wrong? Either way there’s quite a bit of wastage and spillage which is a bit of a shame.

Sephora collection colourful eyeshadow in Tropical queen
I think I may have bought the same colour (or almost identical) from the Sephora in Rome.. Oops. I definitely have a type! This is a sparkly burnt orange eyeshadow with speckles of glitter running through it. I love the colour with my bluey green eyes, it’s really pigmented and for a shimmery eyeshadow it doesn’t full down too much. It’s great value, there’s a huge amount of choice of colours in the range so it gets a thumbs up from me.
Also, the Sephora false eyelashes, called fringe 04, they’re from the standard own brand range (think they were $10, some of them are more expensive). I’ve never been great with falsies, I struggle to apply them and often find when they’re on my lids they feel overly obvious and impact my vision a bit. But these ones feel really comfortable, go on easily and fit me well (I can’t remember but assume Claudia had to trim them). So another win for Sephora’s own brand!

Becca Champagne Pop highlighter
This was a bit of an indulgent purchase. I’d wanted this for ages and thought it’d had sold out in the Venetian Sephora but then I found another section with it in sitting there with it’s beautiful packaging saying buy me and I couldn’t resist. It’s s beautiful champagney gold highlight, it’s a bit glittery but applied with the right brush ( which I don’t really have with me) it looks beautiful. I think it’s a bit ott for an everyday look (bearing in mind I’ve spent the last few days in the jungle) but it looked amazing when applied for my night out in Vegas as I’m sure I’ll be used so much more when I’m back at home for Christmas.

And that’s it for my hauls. I love reading about what products come travelling with beauty bloggers so I’ll be sure to share some of mine soon

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