Urban Decay Naked Heat Review

I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes.  I think I bought myself the first Naked palette three years ago and many of the other palettes joined me soon after. The concept of them is wearable neutrals, of different shades that match a variety of skin tones and eye colours. They can be used to create a variety of looks from subtle to smokey and dramatic. My favourite is the Naked 3 (rose packaging) because I love the pinky mauvey colours and think they really suit green eyes. However, when the new Naked Heat was announced I was on the fence about whether I wanted to buy it. As you might have guessed, I cracked and so here are my thoughts on the palette.
Urban Decay Naked Heat packaging
Urban Decay palettes always come with 12 large eye-shadow pans, a dual ended brush and a large mirror and Heat is no different.  I do use the brushes but they are never my favourite. The red metallic packaging is a bit kitsch but fun and overall I like the lighters on the box. It’s quite chunky for travel but probably no more than the others.
The colours and names
The colours range from light beige/taupe shades through to red sparkles, red mattes and dark plum burgundy colours.  The palettes contains 9 mattes and 3 shimmers and they’re all very warm toned. The quality is really good as each shadow (except the lightest) is very pigmented. I do find I get a bit of drop down from the darker shades so I’d recommend doing eyes first if you’re going for a strong eye and using the darker reds.
The colours
I’ve enjoyed playing with the palette and think when I get it right I can create a really striking eye look which suits my skin tone and eye colour.  The lighter eye-shadows can be used for a subtle sheen of colour and the reds are beautiful. They’re perfect for a more Autumnal look so when I feel in the mood to go a bit heavier on the eyes and keep the lips more neutral, this is a wonderful palette to reach for. You can’t fault the quality nor the colour pay off.
However, I wouldn’t recommend this palette for beginners/those looking for an everyday palette. Many of the colours are quite dark and tonally the colours are similar. A couple of the darker reds look almost identical on the eye. One of the things I usually love about the Naked palettes is the ability to create multiple looks with just one palette but this palette is less versatile. You can do a orange/beige eye or a red based eye but that’s really it. I think if the palette had another shimmer like a gold/bronze or a dark brown/black it might be a bit more versatile but as it is you can create a lovely look but it’ll be predominantly red based.
The other caution I’d add is not being too heavy handed with it. Often when I’m in a rush I’ll apply too much eye-shadow in a hurry (I’ve always struggled with less is more as a concept)! With a red toned eye-shadow you can end up looking like your eyes have just had a fight before they left the house, or you’ve been crying and no one wants that. My advice would be to take your time and blend, this really isn’t a throw on and go affair.
It may not sound like it but I’m still glad I bought the palette as I do like warm colours on my eyes. Again, it really suits green eyes because red and green are opposite on the colour wheel and so applied properly it can make my eyes look greener. I’m often drawn to using it because the shadows are such beautiful colours. However, I think I’m more likely to  dip in and out and use in conjunction with other palettes rather than always solely create looks from it because it does lack that versatility. When I go on holiday and can only take one palette it probably won’t be the one I reach for. So would I recommend it? Yes! But if you like a subtle look or are not too confident with eyeshadow then I’d suggest getting Naked with another palette instead.
The Naked Heat palette retails at £39.50 and you can find it here

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